Remote Car Starters
Auto Creations is the leader in remote start technologies, offering the greatest selection of remote starters to fit any budget!

All Prices Include Professional Installation. Your vehicle may require an additional module. Please call for details.


Plus- $199 Sale: $125
With Start Confirmation - 2 Remotes - 1 Year Warranty


This level adds the feature to turn on your parking lights to confirm your vehicle is running, a 2nd remote, and a 1 Year Warranty.

Premium - $249 Sale: $175
1000ft Range-Door Unlock Feature-LIFETIME WARRANTY


This remote starter with high powered antenna to achieve a range of 1000 feet. Starting your vehicle from your home, office, dorm, supermarket, mall, movie theatre is easily attainable.


Avital 4103 - $275 Sale: $249
1000ft. Range - Lock/Unlock/Trunk- LIFETIME WARRANTY


This remote starter adds the ability to lock and unlock your doors, combining all of your factory functions onto one remote, while giving you up to 1000 ft range!


Python 4106 - $299 Sale: $275
2000 ft. range - Full Functionality - LIFETIME WARRANTY


This remote starter from Python increases the reception to an amazing 2000 feet. Also features a function menu for more advanced controls.


Basic - $349 Sale: $325
2 Way Remote lights up to confirm your vehicle started


An advanced single button with 2 Way confirmation gives you an audible and visual alert notifying you if your vehicle successfully started from up to 2000ft!

Python 4206 - $399 Sale: $349
LED Lights and tones for Start Confirmation


2 Way confirmation gives you an audible and visual alert notifying you if your vehicle successfully started. The Active Temperature Check feature displays internal cabin temp while the remote start is engaged.

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